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Superlogarithm vs. Tetration — What's the Difference?

Superlogarithm vs. Tetration — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Superlogarithm and Tetration


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(mathematics) One of the two inverse functions of tetration.
May 11, 2022


In mathematics, tetration (or hyper-4) is an operation based on iterated, or repeated, exponentiation. There is no standard notation for tetration, though ↑↑ {\displaystyle \uparrow \uparrow } and the left-exponent xb are common.
May 11, 2022


(arithmetic) The arithmetic operator consisting of repeated exponentiation, by analogy with exponentiation being repeated multiplication and multiplication being repeated addition, ba denoting a to the power of a to the power of ... to the power of a, in which a appears b times. Notation: ba, a↑↑b or a→b→2
May 11, 2022

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