Sita vs. Lakshmi



wife of the Hindu god Rama; regarded as an ideal of womanhood


Hindu goddess of fortune and prosperity


Sita (Sanskrit: सीता; IAST: Sītā, Sanskrit pronunciation: [ˈsiːtaː]) is a Hindu goddess and the heroine of the Hindu epic, Ramayana, and its other versions. She is described as the daughter of Bhūmi (the earth) and the adopted daughter of King Janaka of Videha and his wife, Queen Sunayana.


Lakshmi (; Sanskrit: लक्ष्मी, romanized: Lakṣmī, lit. 'she who leads to one's goal'), also known as Shri (Sanskrit: श्री, romanized: Śrī, lit. 'Noble'), is one of the principal goddesses in Hinduism. She is the goddess of wealth, fortune, power, beauty, fertility and prosperity, and associated with Maya ().


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