Memento vs. Keepsake

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  • Memento (noun)

    A keepsake; an object kept as a reminder of a place or event.

    "I kept the shell as a memento of my visit to the seashore."

  • Keepsake (noun)

    Some object given by a person and retained in memory of something or someone; something kept for sentimental or nostalgic reasons.

    "She gave him a lock of hair as a keepsake of their time together."

  • Keepsake (noun)

    Specifically, a type of literary album popular in the nineteenth-century, containing scraps of poetry and prose, and engravings.

Oxford Dictionary
  • Memento (noun)

    A hint, suggestion, token, or memorial, to awaken memory; that which reminds or recalls to memory; a souvenir.

  • Keepsake (noun)

    Anything kept, or given to be kept, for the sake of the giver; a token of friendship.

Webster Dictionary
  • Memento (noun)

    a reminder of past events

  • Keepsake (noun)

    something of sentimental value

Princeton's WordNet

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