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Megacoaster vs. Rollercoaster — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Megacoaster and Rollercoaster


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(informal) A rollercoaster with a height of between 200 and 299 feet.
Jul 30, 2022


A steep, sharply curving elevated railway with small open passenger cars that is operated at high speeds as a ride, especially in an amusement park.
Jul 30, 2022


An action, event, or experience marked by abrupt, extreme changes in circumstance, quality, or behavior
"the demographic roller coaster caused by the baby boom" (American Demographics).
Jul 30, 2022


An amusement ride consisting of a buggy on a track that rises, falls, twists and turns.
Jul 30, 2022


Any situation in which there are ups and downs, or violent changes.
Our relationship was quite a rollercoaster. Finally, I had enough of it and left her.
The stock market has been quite the rollercoaster in the last few weeks.
Jul 30, 2022

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