Massive vs. Prodigious

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  • Massive (adjective)

    Of or pertaining to a large mass; weighty, heavy, or bulky.

    "A massive comet or asteroid appears to have ended the era of the dinosaurs."

  • Massive (adjective)

    Much larger than normal.

    "Compared to its counterparts from World War II, the Abrams main battle tank is truly massive."

  • Massive (adjective)

    Of great significance or import; overwhelming.

    "The enlightenment comprises massive shifts in many areas of Western thought."

  • Massive (adjective)

    Not exhibiting crystal form.

  • Massive (adjective)

    Of particularly exceptional quality or value; awesome.

    "Did you see Colbert last night? He was massive!"

  • Massive (adjective)

    outstanding, beautiful

    "Your dress is massive, love. Where did you get it?"

  • Massive (adjective)

    To a very great extent; total, utter.

  • Massive (adjective)

    (of a particle) Possessing mass.

    "Some bosons are massive while others are massless."

  • Massive (noun)

    A homogeneous mass of rock, not layered and without an obvious crystal structure.

    "karst massives in western Georgia"

  • Massive (noun)

    A group of people from a locality, or sharing a collective aim, interest, etc.

    "Big up to the Croydon massive!"

  • Prodigious (adjective)

    Very big in size or quantity; gigantic; colossal; huge.

  • Prodigious (adjective)

    Extraordinarily exciting or amazing.

  • Prodigious (adjective)

    Ominous, portentous.

  • Prodigious (adjective)

    Monstrous; freakish.

Oxford Dictionary
  • Massive (adjective)

    Forming, or consisting of, a large mass; compacted; weighty; heavy; massy.

  • Massive (adjective)

    In mass; not necessarily without a crystalline structure, but having no regular form; as, a mineral occurs massive.

  • Prodigious (adjective)

    Of the nature of a prodigy; marvelous; wonderful; portentous.

  • Prodigious (adjective)

    Extraordinary in bulk, extent, quantity, or degree; very great; vast; huge; immense; as, a prodigious mountain; a prodigious creature; a prodigious blunder.

Webster Dictionary
  • Massive (adjective)

    imposing in size or bulk or solidity;

    "massive oak doors"

    "Moore's massive sculptures"

    "the monolithic proportions of Stalinist architecture"

    "a monumental scale"

  • Massive (adjective)

    being the same substance throughout;

    "massive silver"

  • Massive (adjective)

    imposing in scale or scope or degree or power;

    "massive retaliatory power"

    "a massive increase in oil prices"

    "massive changes"

  • Massive (adjective)

    consisting of great mass; containing a great quantity of matter;

    "Earth is the most massive of the terrestrial planets"

  • Prodigious (adjective)

    so great in size or force or extent as to elicit awe;

    "colossal crumbling ruins of an ancient temple"

    "has a colossal nerve"

    "a prodigious storm"

    "a stupendous field of grass"

    "stupendous demand"

  • Prodigious (adjective)

    of momentous or ominous significance;

    "such a portentous...monster raised all my curiosity"

    "a prodigious vision"

  • Prodigious (adjective)

    far beyond what is usual in magnitude or degree;

    "a night of exceeding darkness"

    "an exceptional memory"

    "olympian efforts to save the city from bankruptcy"

    "the young Mozart's prodigious talents"

Princeton's WordNet

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