Manageable vs. Feasible

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  • Manageable (adjective)

    Capable of being managed or controlled


  • Feasible (adjective)

    That can be done in practice.

    "His plan to rid Trafalgar Square of pigeons by bringing in peregrine falcons to eat them was dismissed as not feasible."

  • Manageable (adjective)

    able to be controlled or dealt with without difficulty

    "her long hair was black, wavy, and manageable"

  • Feasible (adjective)

    possible and practical to do easily or conveniently

    "the Dutch have demonstrated that it is perfectly feasible to live below sea level"

  • Feasible (adjective)

    likely; probable

    "the most feasible explanation"

Oxford Dictionary
  • Manageable (adjective)

    Such as can be managed or used; suffering control; governable; tractable; subservient; as, a manageable horse.

  • Feasible (adjective)

    Capable of being done, executed, or effected; practicable.

  • Feasible (adjective)

    Fit to be used or tilled, as land.

Webster Dictionary
  • Manageable (adjective)

    easy to handle or use or manage;

    "a large but wieldy book"

  • Manageable (adjective)

    capable of being managed or controlled

  • Manageable (adjective)

    easily dealt with;

    "manageable problems"

  • Feasible (adjective)

    capable of being done with means at hand and circumstances as they are

  • Feasible (adverb)

    in a practicable manner; so as to be feasible

Princeton's WordNet

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