Lege vs. Legge



(obsolete) To allege; to assert.


To lay.


A legend; colloquially used to describe a person who is held in high regard.


To lighten; to allay.


To allege; to assert.


Legge is a surname. Notable people with the surname include: Alexander Legge (1866–1933), US businessman, president of International Harvester Anthony Legge (1939–2013), British archaeologist specialized in zooarchaeology Arthur Kaye Legge KCB (1766–1835), Royal Navy officer Arthur Legge (British Army officer) (1800–1890), British soldier and politician Arthur Legge (footballer) (1881–1941), Australian sportsman Augustus Legge (1839–1913), bishop of Lichfield from 1891 until 1913 Barnwell R. Legge (1891–1949), US Army officer and WWII Military AttachΓ© to Switzerland Barry Legge (born 1954), retired Canadian ice hockey player who played in the National Hockey League Charles A. Legge (born 1930), former United States federal judge Charles Legge (1829–1881), Canadian civil engineer and patent solicitor David Legge (born 1954), Australian rules footballer with St Kilda Dominica Legge (1905–1986), British scholar of the Anglo-Norman language Dominique de Legge (born 1952), French politician, member of the Senate of France Eddie Legge (1902–1947), Scottish footballer with Carlisle United and York City Edward Legge (bishop) (1767–1827), Bishop of Oxford, clergyman Edward Legge (Royal Navy officer) (1710–1747), Royal Navy officer and posthumous MP for Portsmouth Francis Legge (c.1719–1783), British military officer and colonial official in Nova Scotia Geoffrey Legge (1903–1940), English first-class cricketer George Legge, 1st Baron Dartmouth (c.

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