Indecent vs. Decent

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  • Indecent (adjective)

    offensive to good taste

    "distasteful|in bad taste|in poor taste|offensive"

  • Indecent (adjective)

    not in keeping with conventional moral values; improper, immodest or unseemly


  • Decent (adjective)

    Appropriate; suitable for the circumstances.

  • Decent (adjective)

    Having a suitable conformity to basic moral standards; showing integrity, fairness, or other characteristics associated with moral uprightness.

  • Decent (adjective)

    Sufficiently clothed or dressed to be seen.

    "Are you decent? May I come in?"

  • Decent (adjective)

    Fair; good enough; okay.

    "He's a decent saxophonist, but probably not good enough to make a career of it."

  • Decent (adjective)

    Significant; substantial.

    "There are a decent number of references out there, if you can find them."

  • Decent (adjective)

    Comely; shapely; well-formed.

Oxford Dictionary
  • Indecent (adjective)

    Not decent; unfit to be seen or heard; offensive to modesty and delicacy; as, indecent language.

  • Decent (adjective)

    Suitable in words, behavior, dress, or ceremony; becoming; fit; decorous; proper; seemly; as, decent conduct; decent language.

  • Decent (adjective)

    Free from immodesty or obscenity; modest.

  • Decent (adjective)

    Comely; shapely; well-formed.

  • Decent (adjective)

    Moderate, but competent; sufficient; hence, respectable; fairly good; reasonably comfortable or satisfying; as, a decent fortune; a decent person.

Webster Dictionary
  • Indecent (adjective)

    not in keeping with accepted standards of what is right or proper in polite society;

    "was buried with indecent haste"

    "indecorous behavior"

    "language unbecoming to a lady"

    "unseemly to use profanity"

    "moved to curb their untoward ribaldry"

  • Indecent (adjective)

    offensive to good taste especially in sexual matters;

    "an earthy but not indecent story"

    "an indecent gesture"

  • Indecent (adjective)

    offending against sexual mores in conduct or appearance;

    "a bathing suit considered indecent by local standards"

  • Decent (adjective)

    socially or conventionally correct; refined or virtuous;

    "from a decent family"

    "a nice girl"

  • Decent (adjective)

    according with custom or propriety;

    "her becoming modesty"

    "comely behavior"

    "it is not comme il faut for a gentleman to be constantly asking for money"

    "a decent burial"

    "seemly behavior"

  • Decent (adjective)

    conforming to conventions of sexual behavior;

    "speech in this circle, if not always decent, never became lewd"

  • Decent (adjective)

    enough to meet a purpose;

    "an adequate income"

    "the food was adequate"

    "a decent wage"

    "enough food"

    "food enough"

  • Decent (adjective)

    decently clothed;

    "are you decent?"

  • Decent (adjective)

    observing conventional sexual mores in speech or behavior or dress;

    "a modest neckline in her dress"

    "though one of her shoulder straps had slipped down, she was perfectly decent by current standards"

  • Decent (adverb)

    in the right manner;

    "please do your job properly!"

    "can't you carry me decent?"

Princeton's WordNet

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