Hydrometer vs. Aerometer

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Main Difference

The main difference between Hydrometer and Aerometer is that the Hydrometer is a laboratory instrument for measuring of density of liquids and Aerometer is a instrument to measure properties of air or gasses

  • Hydrometer (noun)

    An instrument that floats in a liquid and measures its specific gravity on a scale.

  • Aerometer (noun)

    An instrument used to measure the mass and density of gases.

  • Hydrometer (noun)

    An instrument for determining the specific gravities of liquids, and thence the strength spirituous liquors, saline solutions, etc.

  • Hydrometer (noun)

    An instrument, variously constructed, used for measuring the velocity or discharge of water, as in rivers, from reservoirs, etc., and called by various specific names according to its construction or use, as tachometer, rheometer, hydrometer, pendulum, etc.; a current gauge.

  • Aerometer (noun)

    An instrument for ascertaining the weight or density of air and gases.

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