Halting vs. Salting

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  • Halting (adjective)

    Prone to pauses or breaks; hesitant; broken.

    "his halting speech"

    "her halting steps"

  • Halting (noun)

    The action of one who halts; a stopping or hesitancy.

  • Salting (noun)

    the act of sprinkling salt, either on food, or on an icy road

  • Salting (noun)

    a salt marsh

  • Salting (noun)

    The act of tampering with an investigation site by adding bogus evidence.

  • Salting (noun)

    The celebration of the Eton montem.

Webster Dictionary
  • Halting (adjective)

    disabled in the feet or legs;

    "a crippled soldier"

    "a game leg"

  • Halting (adjective)

    fragmentary or halting from emotional strain;

    "uttered a few broken words of sorrow"

  • Salting (noun)

    the act of adding salt to food

Princeton's WordNet

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