Dysarthria vs. Dyspraxia



Difficulty in articulating words due to disturbance in the form or function of the structures that modulate voice into speech. One of the first indicative symptoms of myasthenia gravis brought about by an auto-immune response to acetylcholine receptors.


(medicine) a genetically caused neurological disorder in which a person has severely below average motor skills due to the brain being unable to consistently send messages accurately to the body for planning of motor movements.


impaired articulatory ability resulting from defects in the peripheral motor nerves or in the speech musculature


a developmental disorder of the brain in childhood causing difficulty in activities requiring coordination and movement.


Dysarthria is a motor speech disorder resulting from neurological injury of the motor component of the motor–speech system and is characterized by poor articulation of phonemes. In other words, it is a condition in which problems effectively occur with the muscles that help produce speech, often making it very difficult to pronounce words.

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