Dying vs. Dieing

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  • Dying (adjective)

    Approaching death; about to die; moribund.

    "The dying dog was put out of his misery with a single shot!"

    "dying fire"

  • Dying (adjective)

    Declining, terminal, or drawing to an end.

    "In the dying moments of daylight I glimpsed a sail on the horizon."

  • Dying (adjective)

    Pertaining to death, or the moments before death.

    "His dying words were of his mother."

    "until my dying day"

    "his dying bed"

  • Dying (noun)

    The process of approaching death; or, less precisely, death itself.

  • Dying (noun)

    Those who are currently expiring, moribund.

    "The battlefield was littered with the dead and dying."

  • Dying (verb)

    present participle of die

  • Dying (verb)

    present participle of dye

  • Dieing (verb)

    misspelling of dying

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