Consummate vs. Professional

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  • Consummate (adjective)

    Complete in every detail, perfect, absolute.

  • Consummate (adjective)

    Highly skilled and experienced; fully qualified.

    "a consummate sergeant"

  • Consummate (verb)

    To bring (a task, project, goal etc.) to completion; to accomplish.

  • Consummate (verb)

    To make perfect, achieve, give the finishing touch.

  • Consummate (verb)

    To make (a marriage) complete by engaging in first sexual intercourse.

    "After the reception, he escorted her to the honeymoon suite to consummate their marriage."

  • Consummate (verb)

    To become perfected, receive the finishing touch.

  • Professional (noun)

    A person who belongs to a profession

  • Professional (noun)

    A person who earns their living from a specified activity

  • Professional (noun)

    A reputation known by name

  • Professional (noun)

    An expert.

  • Professional (adjective)

    Of, pertaining to, or in accordance with the (usually high) standards of a profession.

  • Professional (adjective)

    That is carried out for money, especially as a livelihood.

  • Professional (adjective)


  • Consummate (adjective)

    Carried to the utmost extent or degree; of the highest quality; complete; perfect.

  • Consummate

    To bring to completion; to raise to the highest point or degree; to complete; to finish; to perfect; to achieve.

  • Professional (adjective)

    Of or pertaining to a profession, or calling; conforming to the rules or standards of a profession; following a profession; as, professional knowledge; professional conduct.

  • Professional (adjective)

    Engaged in by professionals; as, a professional race; - opposed to amateur.

  • Professional (noun)

    A person who prosecutes anything professionally, or for a livelihood, and not in the character of an amateur; a professional worker.

Webster Dictionary
  • Consummate (verb)

    of marriages

  • Consummate (verb)

    make perfect; bring to perfection

  • Consummate (adjective)

    having or revealing supreme mastery or skill;

    "a consummate artist"

    "consummate skill"

    "a masterful speaker"

    "masterful technique"

    "a masterly performance of the sonata"

    "a virtuoso performance"

  • Consummate (adjective)

    perfect and complete in every respect; having all necessary qualities;

    "a complete gentleman"

    "consummate happiness"

    "a consummate performance"

  • Consummate (adjective)

    without qualification; used informally as (often pejorative) intensifiers;

    "an arrant fool"

    "a complete coward"

    "a consummate fool"

    "a double-dyed villain"

    "gross negligence"

    "a perfect idiot"

    "pure folly"

    "what a sodding mess"

    "stark staring mad"

    "a thoroughgoing villain"

    "utter nonsense"

  • Professional (noun)

    a person engaged in one of the learned professions

  • Professional (noun)

    an athlete who plays for pay

  • Professional (noun)

    an authority qualified to teach apprentices

  • Professional (adjective)

    engaged in a profession or engaging in as a profession or means of livelihood;

    "the professional man or woman possesses distinctive qualifications"

    "began her professional career after the Olympics"

    "professional theater"

    "professional football"

    "a professional cook"

    "professional actors and athletes"

  • Professional (adjective)

    of or relating to or suitable as a profession;

    "professional organizations"

    "a professional field such as law"

  • Professional (adjective)

    characteristic of or befitting a profession or one engaged in a profession;

    "professional conduct"

    "professional ethics"

    "a thoroughly professional performance"

  • Professional (adjective)

    of or relating to a profession;

    "we need professional advice"

    "professional training"

    "professional equipment for his new office"

  • Professional (adjective)

    engaged in by members of a profession;

    "professional occupations include medicine and the law and teaching"

Princeton's WordNet

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