Consumable vs. Expendable

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  • Consumable (adjective)

    That is consumed or depleted upon use.

  • Consumable (adjective)

    That may be eaten.

  • Consumable (noun)

    A material or product that is produced for consumption.

    "printer consumables such as toner and ink cartridges"

  • Expendable (adjective)

    Able to be expended; not inexhaustible.

    "Oil and other expendable resources are frequently the subject of military disputes."

  • Expendable (adjective)

    Designed for a single use; not reusable.

    "The anti-aircraft rocket is fired from an expendable launch platform."

  • Expendable (adjective)

    Not essential or mandatory in order to achieve a goal.

    "The research department was deemed expendable, and its funding was not renewed."

  • Expendable (adjective)

    Regarded as not preserving or saving; able to be sacrificed.

    "In the internecine rivalries of large corporations, whole departments may become expendable in the execution of one executive's power play."

  • Expendable (noun)

    An expendable person or object; usually used in the plural.

    "Private Johnson was afraid the Lieutenant considered him an expendable, since he was always picked as point man."

Webster Dictionary
  • Consumable (adjective)

    may be used up

  • Expendable (adjective)

    suitable to be expended

  • Expendable (adjective)

    (used of funds) remaining after taxes;

    "spendable income"

Princeton's WordNet

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