Cash vs. Cheques

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  • Cash (noun)

    Money in the form of notes/bills and coins, as opposed to cheques/checks or electronic transactions.

    "After you bounced those checks last time, they want to be paid in cash."

  • Cash (noun)


  • Cash (noun)

    Cash register.

  • Cash (noun)

    A place where money is kept, or where it is deposited and paid out; a money box.

  • Cash (noun)

    Any of several low-denomination coins of India, China, or Vietnam, especially the Chinese copper coin.

  • Cash (verb)

    To exchange (a check/cheque) for money in the form of notes/bills.

  • Cash (verb)

    To obtain a payout from a tournament.

  • Cash (verb)

    To disband.

  • Cheques (noun)

    plural of cheque

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