Capacious vs. Commodious

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  • Capacious (adjective)

    Having a lot of space inside; roomy.

  • Commodious (adjective)

    Advantageous; profitable. 15th–20th c.

  • Commodious (adjective)

    Comfortable, free from hardship. from 16th c.

  • Commodious (adjective)

    Spacious and convenient; roomy and comfortable. from 16th c.


    "Our house is much more commodious than our old apartment."

  • Commodious (adjective)

    Convenient, useful; serviceable. from 16th c.


  • Capacious (adjective)

    Having capacity; able to contain much; large; roomy; spacious; extended; broad; as, a capacious vessel, room, bay, or harbor.

  • Capacious (adjective)

    Able or qualified to make large views of things, as in obtaining knowledge or forming designs; comprehensive; liberal.

  • Commodious (adjective)

    Adapted to its use or purpose, or to wants and necessities; serviceable; spacious and convenient; roomy and comfortable; as, a commodious house.

Webster Dictionary
  • Capacious (adjective)

    large in capacity;

    "she carried a capacious bag"

  • Commodious (adjective)

    large and roomy (`convenient' is archaic in this sense);

    "a commodious harbor"

    "a commodious building suitable for conventions"

Princeton's WordNet

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