Capable vs. Competent

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  • Capable (adjective)

    Able and efficient; having the ability needed for a specific task; having the disposition to do something; permitting or being susceptible to something.

    "She is capable and efficient."

    "He does not need help; he is capable of eating on his own."

    "As everyone knew, he was capable of violence when roused."

    "That fact is not capable of proof."

  • Capable (adjective)

    Of sufficient capacity or size for holding, containing, receiving or taking in; accessible to. Construed with of, for or an infinitive.

  • Competent (adjective)

    Having sufficient skill, knowledge, ability, or qualifications.

    "He is a competent skier and an expert snowboarder."

  • Competent (adjective)

    Having jurisdiction or authority over a particular issue or question.

    "For any disagreements arising from this contract, the competent court shall be the Springfield Circuit Court."

    "judicial authority having competent jurisdiction"

  • Competent (adjective)

    Adequate for the purpose

  • Competent (adjective)

    permeable to foreign DNA

  • Capable (adjective)

    Possessing ability, qualification, or susceptibility; having capacity; of sufficient size or strength; as, a room capable of holding a large number; a castle capable of resisting a long assault.

  • Capable (adjective)

    Possessing adequate power; qualified; able; fully competent; as, a capable instructor; a capable judge; a mind capable of nice investigations.

  • Capable (adjective)

    Possessing legal power or capacity; as, a man capable of making a contract, or a will.

  • Capable (adjective)

    Capacious; large; comprehensive.

  • Competent (adjective)

    Answering to all requirements; adequate; sufficient; suitable; capable; legally qualified; fit.

  • Competent (adjective)

    Rightfully or properly belonging; incident; - followed by to.

Webster Dictionary
  • Capable (adjective)

    (usually followed by `of') having capacity or ability;

    "capable of winning"

    "capable of hard work"

    "capable of walking on two feet"

  • Capable (adjective)

    possibly accepting or permitting;

    "a passage capable of misinterpretation"

    "open to interpretation"

    "an issue open to question"

    "the time is fixed by the director and players and therefore subject to much variation"

  • Capable (adjective)

    (followed by `of') having the temperament or inclination for;

    "no one believed her capable of murder"

  • Capable (adjective)

    having the requisite qualities for;

    "equal to the task"

    "the work isn't up to the standard I require"

  • Capable (adjective)

    have the skills and qualifications to do things well;

    "able teachers"

    "a capable administrator"

    "children as young as 14 can be extremely capable and dependable"

  • Competent (adjective)

    properly or sufficiently qualified or capable or efficient;

    "a competent typist"

  • Competent (adjective)

    adequate for the purpose;

    "a competent performance"

Princeton's WordNet

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