What we use to build AskDifference.com

We using different set of technologies to make our wonderful site possible. We have dozens of team members are the world that support this amazing service.

1. Phalcon

Phalcon is a PHP web framework based on the model–view–controller pattern. Originally released in 2012, it is an open-source framework licensed under the terms of the BSD License.

2. Visual Studio Code

3. Microsoft Visual Studio

Visual Studio is the main IDE we use for coding, debugging and everything else that you do in a large app like this.

4. GitHub

Like most other software developers now-days we use GIT as our source control system and we host our code on GitHub. We also use their issue system to associate bugs with commits and so on.

5. Slack

We are a distributed team and since not a single people are based in the same city, this is our real life digital office.

6. Next.js

JavaScript framework is used to run polymorphic of sources.

7. React

More and more for our new version of front-end.

8. Adobe Photoshop

A lot of the design elements on the site was done in Photoshop over the years, but lately we're leaning towards Sketch.

9. Sketch

Modern way to create user interfaces and more. Most of the current design on the site was made with Sketch, the rest with Photoshop.

10. Bootstrap

As the main web framework and scaffolding