Bot vs. Yot

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  • Bot (noun)

    The larva of a botfly, which infests the skin of various mammals, producing warbles, or the nasal passage of sheep, or the stomach of horses.

  • Bot (noun)

    A physical robot.

  • Bot (noun)

    A piece of software designed to complete a minor but repetitive task automatically or on command, especially when operating with the appearance of a (human) user profile or account.

  • Bot (noun)

    A computer-controlled character in a video game, especially a multiplayer one.

  • Bot (verb)

    To bugger

  • Bot (verb)

    To ask for and be given something with the direct intention of exploiting the thing’s usefulness, almost exclusively with cigarettes.


    "Can I bot a smoke?"

    "Jonny always bots off me. I just wish he’d get his own pack."

  • Bot (verb)

    To use a bot, or automated program.

    "Players caught botting will be banned from the server."

  • Yot (noun)

    The letter Ϳϳ, an uncommon variant of Jj used in Greek linguistics.

  • Yot (verb)

    To unite closely; fasten; rivet.


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