Bolas vs. Weapon



A throwing weapon made of weights on the ends of interconnected cords, designed to capture animals by entangling their legs.


An instrument of attack or defense in combat or hunting, e.g. most guns, missiles, or swords; arm.

‘The club that is now mostly used for golf was once a common weapon.’;


A sticky thread whirled around by certain spiders to catch prey.


An instrument or other means of harming or exerting control over another.

‘Money is the main weapon of modern oligarchs.’;


A kind of missile weapon consisting of one, two, or more balls of stone, iron, or other material, attached to the ends of a leather cord; - used by the Gauchos of South America, and others, for hurling at and entangling an animal.


A tool of any kind.

‘Choose your weapon.’;


Bolas or bolases (singular bola; from Spanish and Portuguese bola, , also known as a boleadora or boleadeira) is a type of throwing weapon made of weights on the ends of interconnected cords, used to capture animals by entangling their legs. Bolas were most famously used by the gauchos, but have been found in excavations of Pre-Columbian settlements, especially in Patagonia, where indigenous peoples (particularly the Tehuelche) used them to catch 200-pound guanacos and rheas.



An idiot, an oaf, a fool, a tool; a contemptible or incompetent person.


Any very skilled, competent, or capable person or thing worthy of awe.


(transitive) To equip with a weapon; to arm.


An instrument of offensive of defensive combat; something to fight with; anything used, or designed to be used, in destroying, defeating, or injuring an enemy, as a gun, a sword, etc.

‘The weapons of our warfare are not carnal.’; ‘They, astonished, all resistance lost,All courage; down their idle weapons dropped.’;


Fig.: The means or instrument with which one contends against another; as, argument was his only weapon.


A thorn, prickle, or sting with which many plants are furnished.


any instrument or instrumentality used in fighting or hunting;

‘he was licensed to carry a weapon’;


a means of persuading or arguing;

‘he used all his conversational weapons’;


A weapon, arm or armament is any implement or device that can be used with the intent to inflict damage or harm. Weapons are used to increase the efficacy and efficiency of activities such as hunting, crime, law enforcement, self-defense, and warfare.

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