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Belonephobia vs. Aichmophobia — What's the Difference?

Belonephobia vs. Aichmophobia

Difference Between Belonephobia and Aichmophobia


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Excessive fear of sharply pointed objects, especially needles.
Nov 03, 2022


Aichmophobia () is a kind of specific phobia, the morbid fear of sharp things, such as triangles, stars, squares, pencils, needles, knives, darts, prickly plants (like thistles and similar weeds), cactus trees, pine needles, broken glass, broken porcelain, sharp pieces of wood, a pointing finger, hexagons, or even the sharp end of an umbrella and different sorts of protruding corners or sharp edges in furnitures and building constructions/materials. It is derived from the Greek aichmē (point) and phobos (fear).
Nov 03, 2022


An irrational fear of needles and pins, usually resulting in abnormal behavior and anxiety.
Nov 03, 2022


The fear of needles and other pointed or sharp objects.
Nov 03, 2022

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