Ambifix vs. Prefix

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  • Ambifix (noun)

    A string of characters used for both prefix and suffix.

  • Prefix (noun)

    Something placed before another

  • Prefix (noun)

    A morpheme added to the beginning of a word to modify its meaning, for example as, pre- in prefix, con- in conjure, re- in reheat, etc.



    "affix|q1=broad sense"

  • Prefix (noun)

    A set of digits placed before a telephone number, to indicate where the number is based, what type of phone number it is (landline, mobile, toll-free, premium rate etc.)

    "in the UK, a number with an 0800 prefix is a toll-free number."

    "Add the prefix +34 to dial a Spanish number from abroad"

  • Prefix (noun)

    A title added to a person's name, such as Mr. or Dr.

  • Prefix (verb)

    To determine beforehand; to set in advance. from 15thc.

  • Prefix (verb)

    To put or fix before, or at the beginning of something; to place at the start. from 16thc.

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