Aimed vs. Direct

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  • Aimed (verb)

    simple past tense and past participle of aim

  • Aimed (adjective)

    Directed towards a target.

  • Direct (adjective)

    Proceeding without deviation or interruption.

  • Direct (adjective)

    Straight; not crooked, oblique, or circuitous; leading by the short or shortest way to a point or end.

    "the most direct route between two buildings"

  • Direct (adjective)

    Straightforward; sincere.

  • Direct (adjective)

    Immediate; express; plain; unambiguous.

  • Direct (adjective)

    In the line of descent; not collateral.

    "a descendant in the direct line"

  • Direct (adjective)

    In the direction of the general planetary motion, or from west to east; in the order of the signs; not retrograde; said of the motion of a celestial body.

  • Direct (adjective)

    Pertaining to, or effected immediately by, action of the people through their votes instead of through one or more representatives or delegates.

    "direct nomination; direct legislation"

  • Direct (adjective)

    having a single flight number.

  • Direct (adverb)


  • Direct (verb)

    To manage, control, steer.

    "to direct the affairs of a nation or the movements of an army"

  • Direct (verb)

    To aim (something) at (something else).

    "They directed their fire towards the men on the wall."

    "He directed his question to the room in general."

  • Direct (verb)

    To point out or show to (somebody) the right course or way; to guide, as by pointing out the way.

    "He directed me to the left-hand road."

  • Direct (verb)

    To point out to with authority; to instruct as a superior; to order.

    "She directed them to leave immediately."

  • Direct (verb)

    To put a direction or address upon; to mark with the name and residence of the person to whom anything is sent.

    "to direct a letter"

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